Client/Server Interaction

mrmr servers publish a service named mrmrsrvr of type UDP on port 1337.
mrmr clients publish a service named mrmr of type TCP on port 31337 (NB: mrmr interfaces will typically be sent from the server to the client over TCP, while mrmr control data is sent from the client to the server over UDP)

Managing clients:
mrmr clients who have 'autoconnect' set to TRUE or who respond with YES to the prompt to join the session will go immediately into play mode and send the server a single OSC message to request the default interface: "/mrmr connect" along with a single string argument containing the client's current IP number or hostname. Servers should respond to this request by sending out the current default mrmr patch. The complete packet would look something like this: /mrmr connect

In a scenario with multiple patch files being served (ie in an art gallery with multiple mrmr-controlled installations), the client will send the command /mrmr getUI (name of patch file requested) after the client has selected a performance from the available options. For more on this, see