Netcat Instructions

You can send these commands using any sockets-capable method.  A simple way on unix machines (including the Mac) is with netcat.  The syntax for the example above, using netcat, would be:

nc <the IP number of the mrmr device> <port - default= 31337> namespace command

example for clearing the current bank and then sending sending a single message:

nc -v 31337

/mrmrIB mrmr_clear_current

/mrmrIB pushbutton nil .1 4 4 1 1 1 1 test

example for loading a multi-bank template from a file on the desktop named mrmr_performance_multipatch.mmr:

(get the patch here:

nc -v 31337 < /Users/ecume/Desktop/mrmr_performance_multipatch.mmr