Publishing a Performance Using Bonjour

There are two ways to publish a multiuser performance for Mrmr clients to participate in:

For single performances (only one server and one performance), simply publish a service with
type: _mrmrsrvr._udp
and name: (the name of your performance)
on port: 1337

This will cause a prompt to appear on mrmr clients asking them if they would like to participate in this event, or automatically take them to it, if the 'autoconnect' pref is on in the client's prefs.

For scenarios in which multiple mrmr-enabled works exist on the same network (such as in an art gallery or museum), you may publish the following service over Bonjour:
type: _mrmrsrvr_multi._udp
name: (the name of your performance)
port: 1337

This will pop up a selector panel asking the client to select a performance from the available options, but only if the 'autoconnect' pref in enabled on the client (this is the default setting, so you can expect new mrmr users to have this enabled).

you may also specify optional parameters to be passed in the TXT record data:
key: background
value: (url to a PNG with size 320x480)

key: targetIP
value:  (the IP number the client should send OSC to - if this is not specified, it sends OSC to the machine that sent it the interface)

key: patch
value: (the name of the patch file, i.e., MyPerformance.mmr - this is a required parameter in a multi performance scenario)